The World of Californians

June 16, 2021 – June 17, 2021 Weeks after my internship ended, I began intensively writing my undergrad thesis paper and taking a variety of virtual workshops and weekly classes after my regular college class schedule to help with research. One class in particular causally led to working groups, and those working groups are now seriously turning into ventures in the world of environmental + … Continue reading The World of Californians

Anti Blackness in the Asian Community 

I wanted to share this video with you because I think this discussion is incredibly important. I felt touched by the content and clarity of this video not only because of what I’ve experienced during my year in South Korea but because of looming questions and doubt I had in relation to the coming together of  different minority groups. Having allies with other minority groups … Continue reading Anti Blackness in the Asian Community 


These days Ive been thinking a lot about immigrants. My friends, family, and the stories that I’ve heard have weighted on my heart a lot these past few months. Especially since being in Korea I think alot about my mother’s immigration to the States. I don’t want to reveal everything about her story but I do want to talk about how her story has impacted … Continue reading Humble